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Small tips and tricks

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Here we can share the small tips and tricks, not big enough to fill a whole page but relevant to others.


My /datadata gets full, what to do?

  • set sync for gmail to ea 4 days, 30 is standard but fills /datadata quickly
  • move big app to sdcard. Games! 
  • create an empty file ".nodatadata" in /datadata with ea RootExplorer and reboot. Everything will be moved to /data/data by the rom. Only way to revert this is a factory reset. It will slow down your phone.
  • Another option is to use this script. Instead of moving the whole of /datadata to /data (and so introducing lag) it keeps performance critical sqlite databases and xml preference files on /datadata and moves everything else to /data: [SCRIPT]NEW "Low Storage" Notification fix


I hate MTP, I want mass_storage!

  • Run this command in adb shell or with terminal explorer and reboot:
    • "setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage,adb"     <- enables mass storage.
    • "setprop persist.sys.usb.config mtp,adb"                   <- reverts to mtp.
  • Or use this miniature app to do the same: USB mode switch for SGS1 on CM by Zatta.


Why do I have to press nonononononononoYESnono in recovery to flash a zip? That sucks!

  • You don't!! Just create the file ".no_confirm" in /sdcard/clockworkmod and save your volume buttons.


My wifi hotspot won't work, am I doing something wrong?

Probably, there is a trick/workaround reported at xda:

  • Before turning wifi hotspot on, wifi must not be active.
  • If wifi is inactive, then turning wifi hotspot on will succeed.
  • However, if you try to turn wifi hotspot while wifi is active, then it will fail.
  • And it will keep failing, even if you turn wifi off and try again.
  • It will succeed after a reboot.


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