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Page history last edited by sgscm7 10 years, 4 months ago

Before asking a question in any forum, read through this FAQ. It tries to cover all the constantly asked questions most likely to annoy your fellow TH-ICS users, so you can avoid asking them. Of course, searching would be good too, but one can only expect so much.


Please note that the answers given here are designed for the AVERAGE user, and I try to focus on very simple or Yes /No responses. Sure there may be exceptions if you know ADP like the back of your hand and make your own builds using the repos, a paper clip and a broken lawn mower...but if you can do that, you likely don;t need an FAQ, now do you?


Also try the 'official' FAQ located here:




Where can I get help/advice/support/a shoulder to cry on?

The Original Dev thread, but ONLY for discussion of bugs and the stock Build/Kernel is HERE.

The Discussion thread in which you can talk about most everything else that is TH-ICS related is HERE.

A new thread with third party tweaks, if that is your thing, is HERE.



Which Build should I install?

The latest.


Is this CM9?

Not yet, but it will grow up to be CM9.


When will CM9 be released?

No official date has been made public


Will it be soon?

C'mon...just sit down, ok?


Is there a Changelog?

Not yet beyond the Fixed/Known Issues HERE.


How do I install TH-ICS? 

Check the guides HERE.


Can I use ODIN?

No, just Recovery.


What about Heimdall?

No, just Recovery.


Can I use KIES?

No. Stop it or I will make you leave this FAQ.


What do I do if after installing, my phone bootloops?

First, give it a good long time Bootlooping...sometimes it is just slow the first time or fixes itself, I don't know why. Then try to reboot the phone and see if that fixes it. If not, go back to Recovery and flash the same Build again.


What if I CAN'T get back into Recovery?

Then flash back to stock, install a kernel with CWM and start the whole process again...or check our Troubleshooting section (a work in progress).


Will I need to do a data wipe and reinstall all my apps every time I flash a new Build?

Not unless told to by TeamHacksung or you run into trouble. Data Wipes are usually only a good idea the first time you install TH-ICS.



Can I use Froyo Bootloaders with TH-ICS?



Can I use Gingerbread Bootloaders with TH-ICS?



Can I use Ice Cream Sandwich Bootloaders with TH-ICS?



Honeycomb Bootloaders?

I mean it...right out the door.


I installed JVQ Bootloaders, someone just posted the new JVZ Bootloaders. Should I flash them?

No. Most Bootloaders are the same as long as they are for the same version, such as Gingerbread.


Google Apps

Where can I download the latest GAPPS?



Do I need to reflash GAPPS every time I flash a new Build?




Because GAPPS are now installed in the /system folder. Flashing a new ROM overwrites them.


Why are they installed there?

Shut up.


Where is the Market/Gmail/YouTube/Whatever?

Flash Gapps from Recovery.


Still no Gmail/YouTube...what now?

Likely not available in your region. Use Market Enabler.



Kernels & Modems

Which kernels can I use with TH-ICS?

The stock kernel and one of two custom kernels previews: Neo, or Glitch. However they are very much matters of personal preference and all are works in progress. Flashing ANYTHING beyond stock is very much at your own risk.


Which one should I use?

OK, Out! OUT! A kernel is very individual..try each one and see what you like.


Can I use Speedmod/Tegrak/Semaphore/Whatever Kernel with TH-ICS?

No. If you try, you will soft brick your phone.


Are Radios, Modems and Basebands the same thing?



Can CM7 Modems be used with TH-ICS?

Yes. In fact they are the ones you MUST use.


Is there a modem that is best for TH-ICS?

No. Try several, choose the one that is best for you. Just make sure they can be used with CM7 (look for Siky's CM7/CM9 Modems thread).



Why can't I find my SD Card?

Check in /emmc.


What is this stock launcher?

It is called Trebuchet and it is the new launcher for CM9.


Do I HAVE to use Treb-whatever you called it?

If you really want to, install the launcher of your choice from the market.


How can I check to see if my favorite app will work on ICS?

Look HERE.


Can I use Samsung codes with TH-ICS?

Some yes, some no. Try the code and see, if won't hurt anything.


Is the 720p video stuttering?

Not on the most recent builds.


It still looks shaky to me. Are you sure?

Lay off the sauce, buddy.


Can I have native video calls with TH-ICS?



Can I have native video calls with CM9 eventually?



Is FM Radio working?

Not yet.



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